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Farron also performed to a wide range of new music. She died on July 3 at The Royal Academy of Dance , where she was the director in the s, confirmed the death but did not say where she died.

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Farron also became known as an inspiring teacher at both the Royal Academy and the Royal Ballet School, helping to shape the careers of many future ballerinas. Her father was a civil servant, her mother a teacher.

After studying all kinds of dance in childhood, she became one of the first two scholarship students to attend the Vic-Wells Ballet School. This was danced to a Lord Berners choral score employing words by Gertrude Stein, who took delight in the girl who was cast as the dog. Good-humored, frank, intelligent, imaginative and hard-working, Ms. Farron happily absorbed everything she could from de Valois, Ashton, Helpmann then a star dancer and the music director Constant Lambert.

While she acquired a strong technique, with fast footwork and a vivid upper body, she also became a noteworthy dance actor. Hers was the ballet generation that performed through the London Blitz, dancing while falling bombs were shaking the West End theaters in which they were performing. The highlight of her career, Ms. Farron was unafraid to show lewd or vicious aspects of character. In she married the South African dancer and later choreographer Alfred Rodrigues. It was she who led the corps onstage at the start of the third movement — a bit of dancing that she later called her favorite in her entire career.

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