Manual Befriending the Dying and the Bereaved

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Befriending the Dying and the Bereaved

At the end of this course not only will the facilitators of the training be able to decide if an individual is ready to befriend, but you too will be challenged to decide if you feel ready. To request a large print version of the form, please contact befriendertraining sands.

Bereavement: How to Transform Grief & Depression Through Spiritual Healing

This is a one day course which Sands Befrienders are expected to attend once they have some experience of befriending through a Sands Group, approximately six months after their part one training. At the end of this course participants will have had an opportunity to reflect on their experiences as a Befriender and explore the more advanced aspects of the role. Part Two Training is open to individuals who have already completed Part One Training and have been befriending for at least six months.

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Breadcrumb Home Get involved Volunteer with Sands. Are you ready to befriend? Part One Training This two day course enables participants to develop their befriending skills.

Most of us are so scared of death we daren’t even speak its name

You are also required to attend and succesfully complete the Befriender Training Programme, be a current member of Sands and be in touch with your nearest local group. The training has been condensed into 2 days and after successful completion, notification will be made in writing to advise that befrienders may commence their new role.

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Day 1 - An introduction to befriending, looking at why parents want to befriend, listening skills and comunications. Day2 - Covers bereavement, empathic understanding and more diverse issues eg: termination for abnormality, suicide, etc. Both days are very interactive, with exercises carried out in pairs and small groups, as well as within the group as a whole. After one year, befrienders are required to attend a follow up day Day 3 to review and enhance their skills, and also to give them an opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns that they may have experienced.

This day is also designed for existing Befrienders to refresh their skills and exchange ideas and experiences. Anyone in a formal supporting role needs some support themselves; because most befrienders are bereaved parents it is even more essential that they have somewhere to go when they need to talk to about their own emotions.

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There need to be boundaries to the support a befriender is expected to provide. No-one can be on call 24 hours a day without burning out very quickly.

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Befrienders need to have times when they don't have to answer the phone. They also need to know that they can hand over to someone else for a while if they need a break. If you are interested in becoming a Sands Befriender, please speak to the befrienders at your local support group about befriending or contact:. Skip to content.