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Your amazing fortitude, wonderful recipes, and healthy doses of humor have made memorable for me. I look forward to accompanying you on other adventures as approaches. I really love your blog! I got some great receipes, especially the curries, Indian food I love Indian food , great hints on cool ways to do a roast, the soups, the dips making some of those dips tonight!. I also really liked the way you admitted you had failures, not every dish was perfect and you told us what your family liked and disliked about each dish.

I think you have done a tremendous job with A Year of Crockpotting! Good luck in ! Best wishes to you and your family - you've made an impact on so many of us and have brought the family dinner table back together in many of our houses. I have been reading your blog everyday since I saw you on Rachael Ray.

I have enjoyed it and gotten my crock pot out a lot more. Best wishes for a wonderful I have spent the year doing genealogy research and I gained weight too. I've loved coming here every day to see what was in your crock pot. The comments were honest and reliable. Thank you for giving us this gift of yourself and your family this year! Good luck with your book!! You are my hero. I love crockpot cooking and you've reinforced that this year. May be the best ever for you. You rock! Although I just found you this month, I'm so excited about the prospect all of these new ideas that are gluten free with my crockpot, thank you!!!!!!

What will I do without a daily check into the crockpot queen??

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I admire you so much for your stick-with-it-ness. Probably three times as much, at least. I love to cook, and it's been so fun to discover this "new" way to feed my family! That inspired me to brainstorm, trying to think of a unique blog idea that would have a wider potential readership than my mommy blog.

Let's be honest--there are a LOT of mommy blogs out there! I came up with an idea and implemented it, and while it hasn't been WILDLY successful, it has found a pretty good readership. Thanks for inspiring me to think "outside the box" as a blogger. Seriously, it feels a little like I'm getting a visit from a rock star when you comment. My blogs don't get nearly the traffic yours do, and I know how much e-mail I get. There's no way I can visit all the blogs my readers have, much less comment on them, so when you've taken the time to visit mine--wow!

Thank you for taking time to turn me into a better cook AND a better blogger! God bless you and your family in ! Stephanie, is going to be a sad year--my mornings in '08 started with checking your blog.


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You have brought much enjoyment to my life this year. I'm excited about your book and look forward to the occasional post from you. God bless you and your family. Stephanie, you are probably tired of hearing this, but you ROCK and we love you! Thanks for all your great ideas and encouragement to try new things. I do not know what I am going to do each day without your blog. I will probably go back and read it all over again.

Hugs and many thanks to you! I'm making pizza dip tonight! Thank you, Stephanie, for keeping up this blog! I've gone from being a casual slow cooker to being a total Pothead CrockPothead, that is since I found this blog. I even had to buy myself new paraphenalia, a smaller CrockPot so I could try out some of the cakes and other small-crock recipes you've posted. Sure, my family teases me a little, but they're more than happy to eat the food. I must also tell you that I love your recipe-writing style, and I hope your cookbook is written in a similar fashion.

Your recipe introductions and verdicts keep me entertained and reading, even when they're recipes I can't use. I've got different food intolerances: can't do red meat or dairy. So your no-pork, chicken sausage, soymilk-using ways make me smile, and have given me ideas on ways to adapt recipes for my own needs. I'm happily addicted now, Stephanie I LOVE this blog.

My favorite tip was learning that fish could be cooked in the crock without making your house stinky! Thanks Steph, you are amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed this ride with you and my family's menu has been all the better for it! Thank you so much for sharing your challenge with all of us. I have been so amused and the best part was I found some wonderful things to try! I will miss checking in every few days to see whats new : Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

I will miss hearing something from you everyday Mine's collecting a lot of dust. Seriously, enjoy your New Year. Make your hubby take you out! Thank-You for all the wonderful ideas on what to cook for dinner. You always make me laugh which is an added bonus to the yummy food! Have a wonderful I am going to be at a loss every morning - have become accustomed to checking out the crockpot recipe for the day. Thank you so much for all the great ideas - my favorites were the Indian chicken curry and the cornbread stuffing - thank you, too, for leaving the site up while you prepare the book.

Can't wait to buy it in the fall! Leslie in Santa Cruz. I've had such a great time following along all year and am glad to hear you'll continue to post recipes. Best of luck to you and your family this coming year Stephanie! Congrats on a completed year! I will miss the daily recipes but look forward to any new ones that you post. Most definitely will be buying the book as well. Your blog is what started me cooking and I still do not cook a lot so it is probably safe to say "thank you" from my hubby as well! Stephanie, Thank you for replying to my email the other week. After two batches of my dads venison chilli, the stain is mostly gone.

I think it will go away over time.

I cannot believe that the year is over! You have worked so hard and it has been such a huge success! I was telling my dad about you, and how you gave me advice on my crockpot. He said "Your mom just gave you the same advice" and I said "Yea, well she hasn't been on Rachel Ray! It has been so much fun following your journey. You have inspired so many people through this. You should be SO proud of your accomplishment! I will continue to check your site for more amazing recipes and can't wait for the cookbook and to see what you do with your other blog! Best of luck to you!

Amy P. If you need help with designing your new blog, let me know. I'm a graphic designer. Congrats on year Now to catch up in the cooking department. I went to Target last night to get a Little Dipper for the rotel dip I wan to munch tonight but they did not have any. I am so impressed that you have actually made it a whole year. You are awesome.

I have loved being able to read your recipes every day, and to see your triumphs as well as failures - I think I've learned a lot about the crock pot through your experiences, and I have used mine more as a result. Congrats to you! I just discovered your blog in October I can still read this and a lot of it will be new to me. I look forward to your new blog s and your cookbook I WILL buy it. And stop biting my nails is on my resolution list too. I have some yucky tasting nail polish.

Do you have any other ideas? Good luck to you. Wishing you a very happy I have totally enjoyed your blog since I found you over the summer. I couldn't wait to get home from work everyday and see what yummy you'd posted. Hopefully, withdrawals from daily recipes won't be too bad I just found your blog about a month ago, and so sad that it's officially over! You've become known as "the crock pot lady" in our house I think at first my hubby thought my new-found semi-obsession with the crockpot was humorous, but now if I mention that we're having a new recipe, he gets kinda excited and asks "is it a crockpot recipe?!

I can't even keep my resolutions for a whole month, much less a year. Like pretty much everyone else had said, I'll miss seeing a new recipe every day, but will totally buy the book! Oh yeah, thanks for all the recipes. The taco soup IS awesome - we just had it again Monday night!

Your blog has been my first place to check everyday when I get online! You did a great job and I really enjoyed reading your crock pot adventures everyday!! Thank you, Stehanie. I have been here for almost the whole year probably started in Feb or Mar and have enjoyed your blog very much. I am looking forward to whatever you come up for next year could use help in the organizing part I didn't discover you until October, but you've been a daily and favorite blog for this last quarter of !

Thanks for everything you've shared. I love your writing - you have a fan for life! And I now have a ton of already-tested crockpot recipes, which is priceless. Happy New Year and Thank You! Thank you for doing this. You have inspired me and guided me. I have branched out a ton with your help. I can't wait for the book! Thank you again and Happy New Year may all your dreams come true. I have really enjoyed your blog and will miss your daily recipe. Will look froward to the book. Thanks, Steph.

I was won over by your blog and am happily crock potting a couple of times a month.

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I too told anyone who would listen about you and had at least one convert. Enjoy your freedom from daily posting - I'll happily await your book! Hope not one day goes by in that you are not reminded of that. Thanks for your humor made me laugh out loud at my computer till my husband wondered what's up?! Looking forward to the book. I will continue to keep you on my blog reader. There are a TON of recipes that I want to try! Thank you so much for doing this! I really do appreciate it! It's like having a crockpot recipe book always at the ready! Thanks again! Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Congratulations on this successful endeavor. And thanks for the year of fabulous recipes. Please contact me when your book is ready as we review cookbooks at my website Hyperion might do it already as we get lots fo books from them. You have been an inspiration! Just your commitment to post everyday.. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know we will all miss reading your blog everyday. Sorry if this is a duplicate I got an error message I'm thrilled to hear about the cookbook.

And that you'll continue posting to this blog. You've revolutionized my family's dinners, from Cheerios with milk to yummy stuff from the crock pot. Thank you!! Can't wait to check out the new blog. I only just found you today the last day of and I'm really looking forward to reading through your recipes. I love to use the crock pot too, but I don't utilize it as much as I want to. Now I have some great inspiration. Thank you. Happy ! I need therapy. I am sorry that the year is ending.

This has been one of my go to sites each day. I am a working mom, and you always inspired me to keep cooking healthy foods for my family. Thank you for taking the time each day.

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You are appreciated. Love the taco soup! And I have loved reading your blog this past year. I saw you on Rachel Ray and that's how I got hooked. I have you on my blog list I can't wait to try out many of your recipes this year with my crockpot I received for Christmas! Whooo wooo Have a great new year! I'm so relieved that you will continue to update this site, even if it isn't daily! I've enjoyed your blog so much, that I've even been inspired to try some of your recipes.

Considering that I have steadfastly refused to cook for over 10 years, that's quite a feat! But don't tell anyone; I said that a kitchen elf made dinner that night. How wonderful that you have a book deal from this amazing journey. I'll be buying it for myself and maybe even as holiday gifts next year. Thank you for sharing your year with us. I had to LOL at the 8 pound weight gain, please know I'm with you there, too.

Have a completely wonderful New Year and enjoy the vacation. I'm going to miss this blog so much! It helped me make my crock pot a good gluten free "tool" and I'm really going to miss it! Congratulations -- you made it to the end! What a wonderful project, for you and for your family. Looking forward to the new year, and may all your dreams come true. Ooh, I just ordered 30 day shred yesterday! We'll have to compare notes or sore muscle stories! And I can't wait for the Totally Together blog!

I so need that. I just found you in November, and have yet to leave a comment, but I guess it's now or never : Thank-you for doing what you have done. It is truly awesome. My family is gluten free, and it is so refreshing to find wonderful recipes that I don't have to modify for us. Your yogurt recipe changed our lives! Everything we have tried in the last 2 months we love, and this has been a great tool for me to menu plan with. Your style of writing is warm and laugh out loud funny, I love it. Lots of Love from Oregon! Laurie P. I'm amazed with your dedication to the challenge and the blog this year.

I'm sad to see it ending, but excited you will still post. I'm also looking forward to what you have in store for the organizational blog. Good luck with everything in !

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I have tried so many of the recipies this year, and you have ever steered me wrong. If you said it was good, it was, but thanks for also telling us when things went awry. I have told so many people about your blog, and it always gets rave reviews. Congrats on that too! The blog just got better and better. Great job. I'll be looking forward to your book. I will really miss the daily recipes, though. Thank you so much for sharing all of your recipes with us! It's been so much fun to follow along. My 1 favourite - the creme brulee. Thank you, and best of luck!

I love your blog and it really helped us use our crockpot more often! Thanks for taking the time to share all these recipes! What a great Christmas present for the crock pot lady!

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  5. I didn't discover your blog until October, but it has inspired me to cook in my crock at least 4x per week. Thank you so much for inspiring me with your dedication! I look forward to your cookbook, and hope you have a fabulous ! SO glad to hear that you're still going to keep the blog active, I was worried you'd poof!

    As someone who refers to my Crockpot as my 'crack pot' because I'm so addicted to it - your blog has been inspiring! I too saw that CrockPot trio at Target. I stopped dead in front of the display, eyes alight with glee, and my husband joked that he thought he heard the sounds of the Heavens shining down upon me. Enjoy it! Stephanie, Congratulations on a whole year! That was a definitely a very unique challenge. You have opened my eyes to new ways to do things in the Crockpot. I now use it at least once a week Thanks so much for your creativity and spunk! I have followed your blog since about February and I of course went back and checked the recipes I missed.

    I am living in Japan now and I have a fantastic mom that sent me a crockpot for my Christmas present last year. I have been checking your blog everyday and will be a bit sad not to see something new everyday. In the end, I want to thank your for all of the hard work you have done, but even more than that, you have inspired me to try things in the crockpot that I would have never dreamed of.

    Of course some work and some don't, but it's always great fun. Stephanie, I found your blog before you were on the Rachael Ray show and I have been checking your site each day. It's a small highlight of my day and I thank you for sharing your creativity, humor, and awesomeness. Thank you for a great year. Congrats on this year! I'm so happy you are leaving this site up!!! I found you months ago from just Googling 'crock pot recipes'. I emailed you and you even wrote me back!

    I feel so honored that you took time out of your busy schedule to send me a note of thanks. Best wishes to you in ! I have been a faithful reader since I found this blog months ago. You are so amazing for going a whole year!! I almost had a disaster after taking the choux pastry out of the oven — after 3 minutes all the puffs collapsed!

    I filled half them with ice cream and half with French cream and was in profiterol heaven. A: Best recipes list is constantly changing. A: This is honestly a lot harder! If I had to name three of my least favorites, it would likely be:. Q: What advice would you give to someone, like me, who is starting a project similar to your own?

    A: One thing is to not give yourself a strict timeline or at least be flexible if you do. You should be having fun and enjoying the ride! Another huge help has been creating an excel spreadsheet with every recipe. Divide it into the same tabs that are in the book soup, salad, appetizers, dinner, sides, dessert etc.

    It can take a bit of work upfront, but allows for quick menu planning. You can also set up columns to rate the dish and take notes on any changes you made or tips for next time. Mise en place. With my tiny kitchen, this always helps me keep my sanity. Q: Do you ever go out to restaurants and leave disappointed because you feel you could have made something better yourself?

    This is something I personally experience often. A: I would say at least once a month this happens — and happens more and more as I get better at cooking. The food in the city is great, but nothing is more disappointing than shelling out a lot of cash for a meal that I could have made better for much less. Nothing is more disappointing than shelling out a lot of cash for a meal that I could have made better for much less.

    Q: I am sure your friends must love you. Do they make up excuses to come over and eat? Lush served with a nice crunchy slaw and greens. What do you always avoid ordering on a menu? Definitely carbohydrates! Potatoes and bread, in particular. I've lost a lot of weight by cutting these ingredients out of my diet. Slow cooking. It's all about not rushing the eggs otherwise they can become hard and rubbery. What is your go-to meal when you're low on time? Omelettes are great when you're low on time. I particularly love Spanish style omelettes with some nice chorizo and cheese.

    I'll be cooking up this lush salt cod, chorizo and saffron omelette from my DopamineDiet live on the Sunday Times Facebook channel today at 3. What would your last meal be? Fish and chips and a can of Lilt. What is the best recent food trend? Barbequing food and techniques involving slow cooking, dry rubs and marinades which really drive flavour forward. What is the most overrated recent food trend? None — they all have their purpose. Things that I cook at home rather than in the restaurant are most popular.

    People can relate to these dishes more I think. What is a good simple piece of advice for pairing wine and food?