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After eating he completes his chores, helps his siblings and plays games before scootering out the door at 8. On the weekends he is out the door by 7am to get in an early scooter ride before the day gets too hot or the crowds get too big at the skatepark. The most important but also the most difficult thing has been disciplining myself to be nice to him at 4. I have to admit some years I have been good at it and a lot of years I have sucked. Sometimes I got all my own work done before breakfast and got everyone out the door to do the grocery shopping before school or got to the beach for an early swim or scootered around the lake before the early morning crowd but other seasons I turned on the cartoons and just lay there comatose on the floor with my eyes open while they played loudly around me.

Thanks for writing this. Thankyou for your posts I feel so much better their are mummys in the same boat! As my son wakes at 4am everyday. What will be will be I will adjust my life accordingly x. My advice: sleep in the same room separate beds. Also being in the same room reduces anxiety and makes kids sleep better in general. Great tip! I think it makes them feel more grown up when they have a clock. It really empowers them and they feel like they are part of the system. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Hope to see you at True Aim! This was one of the most clicked ideas from last week. We bought one of those too — I wish I had just thought of the digital clock since it would have been cheaper, but the toddler clock has still been a life saver! My parents should have used that on me! I always woke up at 5 and ran around the house yelling at everyone to wake up… my poor family! Our problem is that our kids share rooms, and they keep each other awake.

Whomever wakes up first wakes the other and they keep each other awake until time to come out of their rooms. No going back to sleep. They take turns. Our kids share a room, too, but the rule is that they are not allowed to talk until If they do, they lose TV for the day a punishment for them, as well as me, but it works.

Thanks for the tip!! I literally just pi posted on my Facebook about what to do with kids getting up too early…my 3 year old has been getting up at !! As a PPD and sleep consultant, I will tell you that a likely reason for waking at 5 am is that they are going to bed too late. Put them to bed earlier and they will often sleep later. I tried putting my 11 months baby to sleep earlier than 7pm so she could stop setting her alarm at every morning but it didnt work. She doesnt sleep that early. She was a great sleeper as a baby. At 6 months she started waking up at night a zillion times and woke up at am.

At 9 months the night sleep got better. At 10 months she started waking up at or am every morning…full of energy…and is still doing it. I cant take it anymore. This is too early for all of us specially her 4 year old sister who shares her room. What should I do????? Did you try waking her before you go to bed?

Just stirring her? I wonder if that might help you? Has it worked?! My 18 month old is waking every morning at 4. My son is waking at 4am most mornings recently and I cannot keep him awake passed 7pm! His moods are at times unbareable because of how tired he is, especially after a big day at Kindy. Any suggestions?! Wow- I would really try to enforce the wake up because if he is in school, he needs hours of sleep. What we had to do with our 4 year old when we started this was continue to put him back to bed.

I kid you not that it took me get ready over times to get him to stay in his bed. I put him back like super nanny says without talking until he stayed in his bed. At I woke up and went into his room and woke him up and told him that he was allowed to wake up now. I did this for a few days until he understood that he had to stay in his bed until 7. I hope this helps. Hey — this super nanny thing: did it cause distress? He is very distressed by it. He has been an awful sleeper since two months before weaning. Did you ever find something that works Amy?

Therefore, she is a terrible sleeper and wakes everyday at 5am and is super grumpy. My 3 year old normally sleeps from PM to 7 AM with a nap in the afternoon. I would try putting your child to bed very early — like or to make up for some of the lost sleep. What can you recomend me to Do? Honestly, I would make sure that she is not napping and then I would just keep her busy throughout the day and put her to bed around When our 3 year old was coming out of his bed, I had to put him back in times not exaggerating to keep him in his bed that first night.

Day 2 was WAY less. Day 3 he was staying in bed and sound asleep in like 5 minutes. What advice would you give me…. My husband is usually tasked with getting dinner prepared before we get home. My 1 year old has been a better sleeper overall and usually goes to bed any time between My 3 year old ends up falling asleep around Mind you he does sleep in the same bed as me.

Eventually we will try to get them in the same room or ideally buy a bigger place. I would love for them ESP my older one to get to bed earlier but with our schedule I find it so difficult. As you mentioned they have an internal clock. I believe it because my three year old will wake up any time between even on weekends. I have a 15month old, who is very determined. He wakes up at 5am every day if not 4. I have just moved him to one nap in the last month and he is finally sleeping through the night, however by And no matter what I do, he still wakes up at 5am. Any suggestions?? My son is 3 yrs 3 months.

Since he was tiny I put him to bed at 7pm but last year he began to wake at 6am then 5am. We were exhausted and so I moved his bed time to 8pm.

Johny Johny Yes Papa - Great Songs for Children - LooLoo Kids

It worked great and he slept till 7, and sometimes 8pm. At around 3yrs he dropped his daytime nap, and we got rid of the dummy. Since then bedtimes have been longer and longer, I still put him down at 8pm but sometimes he is still awake till 9pm. He wakes every day at 6. Do you think an earlier bedtime at his age would really help him sleep longer?

His room has blackout blinds and is quite. The reason he wakes early every morning is that he needs a poo, like clockwork every morning! My 3 year ol has been waking early around 5 for a month now! Then I go in and tell him he has to stay in bed until froggy, his clock turned green. Oh man… it is hard to get them back on a schedule after being sick!

I think that I would keep doing what you are doing. If you keep it up for days, it should stop. Our 4 year old is getting up at am, am, am etc. Breaking her of this habit is proving to be a torturous endeavor. Our son did this. It was exhausting, but I just kept taking him back to his room. It lasted about 3 days.

Oh my goodness I love this! I wish this would work with our 18 month old! I keep him up until 9 or 10 and he gets up at 4 or 5. I have no idea what to do! How do you make this work with regards to toileting? I want to try this, but am worried that my 3 yr old would wet his bed if he wasnt allowed out he already does some times. This dr. Good luck to you moms of young kids! A friend told me she sets a lamp timer so the lamp turn on at am. When the lamp turns on, they can get up. Do you have suggestions on how to get your child to go to sleep earlier? Oh- my only advice is to cut out the nap, which is hard to do with daycare.

We have had to stop all of our kids naps by 3 to get them to sleep at night earlier than 9 or If any of them nap, they are up so late! As a daycare provider I am disappointed for you that your daycare is insisting on naps for a 4 year old when you have specifically asked them not to.

They are required to provide quiet time for older children, with quiet books and activities but not force a nap. You can talk with them about your concerns and ask to see their quiet activities and where your child would be doing them while the younger children are sleeping. Daycare should support you as the parent, not take over. You know what is best for your child!

What a great idea! I will be trying this tonight. My 4 year old has always been up at 5am, which I can handle. Wish I found this idea sooner. Thanks x. I love this! We have been using an alarm clock for my girls for 6 months now and it has made a world of difference! It has really helped out family.

But the idea of adjusting the clock to slowly help them sleep later really worked wonderful! Thanks for the suggestions, this is an awesome post! This is such an excellent idea. I have a 5yr old, 3yr old and a 10month old. For the last 5yrs I have been getting up at 5. These tales tell of a toddler's first steps; and the life span of a child's blanket. It's Beeper by Carole Lexa Schaefer, illus. Pingry, illus. In this board book tale, a mother gives her child a new piece of the Nativity scene each day.

Readers search for clues and follow a thief through mazes. Is a boy's new dog really a dinosaur? An African-American family celebrates the autumn harvest. A young vampire wants to learn the spell that will change him into a bat. A clumsy duck saves his fellow ducks. Rooster thinks his crowing makes the moon rise. A porcupine helps his aardvark friend overcome his fear of a night monster.

Rufus discovers that he, like his mother, is a witch. How many cookies does this character give away en route to Grandma's? A dog leads his blind owner on a journey from Boston to New York. All ages Baa Baa Black Sheep , illus. In this poem, a boy watches the snow fall outdoors. And among the five new Overcoming Adversity titles are Mohandas K. Gandhi by Charles Shields and J.

The G. Caillou Backpack titles, all illus. All ages The Nutcracker , based on the story by E. Hoffman, illus. Milton the cat takes a trip to the vet. Nesting Blocks , based on the book by Barbara M. Joosse, illus. Wood, illus. Collage art features dinosaur skeletons. A girl discovers color in everyday objects. Smith, illus. Photos illustrate this guide to making hats from balloons.

Balloons carry a boy to the moon. A Seri Indian elder describes her friendship with a lizard.

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A preschooler enjoys a birthday party. An elephant overcomes his fear of separating from this mother on the first day of school. A boy also finds a fox in his socks and kittens in his mittens. Mice put on a play about the first Thanksgiving. Bert and Ethel find their runaway pigs in unexpected places.

Amir tells of his search for his younger siblings, from whom he was separated when his parents died. After moving to Vermont in , a boy makes discoveries about his family that challenge his notions of war and its heroes. Children's English Dictionary by P. A father tells his children about the night Jesus was born. A boy's grandfather tells him about Pentecost and the first Christians. Said Smedley by Simon Puttock, illus. Science Alive! Patrick Lewis, illus.

A young man's faithful dog saves him.

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A boy builds a plane and, with the help of his imagination, learns to fly it. Robert and the Great Pepperoni by Barbara Seuling, illus. Robert is determined to train a stray dog. In , a boy and his family emigrate from Germany to the U. A cross-country runner is catapulted into a parallel universe. When Katy is disobedient, her father explains that her parents love her unconditionally. I'm Cranbeary , Hi! I'm Strawbeary and Hi! I'm Elderbeary by Melody Carlson, illus. Readers select from 16 magnetized outfits to help Moley get dressed. This lift-the-flap, pull-the-tab tale reveals what Grandma has been working on.

Tired of being compared to his relatives, Percival sets out to prove he is his own man. This sequel to Parts depicts silly figures of speech. Pinkerton dreams of adopting a penguin. A witch's new friends help save her from a dragon. A newspaper strike tears Gwen's town in two. Then Digger the Dog will stop by to tell us some funny jokes about transportation. Celebrate St Patricks Day with this Celtic inspired fairy tale. That means four wishes will come true for Ginger, but only for today Triangle and Circle are now the best of friends. They decide to go out in the forest and pick some shape grapes together.

All is going ship shape until the tiny triangle gets stuck in a tree? Who will save the day and rescue the triangle? Cool Facts about animals is the perfect show fo r anyone animal-loving kids of all ages. Subscribe on the Kids Listen podcast app or wherever you like to listen. Then Tilde will stop by and tell us some fun monkey facts. Some people have dogs or cats for pets. Rebecca is part of the amazing team behind the hit show "Be Calm on Ah Way Island" - a soothing podcast that teaches children self-regulation and calming. Their show also features a delightful dragon too as well as caring cars fr iendly forest animals and many other curious kids and creatures.

Lizzie is a very daring young lizard who dreams to one day be able to fly and go on grand adventures! Then we will hear some adorable Ani-Mail from our real life listener Mason! Roosterpunzel is an annoying rooster with long flowing hair. He spends his days alone in a tower.

Then one day, a bald eagle arrives to the village and decides that she would like the long flowing hair for herself. Who will win this epic hair tug of war? It's summertime on the ocean floor. Time for all the local sea creatures to party at the undersea festival. A shy little lobster named Scamp isn't sure if he wants to join in on the fun. I hope Scamp comes out of his shell! Then Tilde the Tortoise will swing by and tell us some fun facts about lobsters.

Show Notes: for this very special th episode we are going to celebrate Valentine's day with a lovely romantic story about spaghetti and cheese. Will the Dairy Godmother grant her this wish? Find out in this foodie fairy-tale. Tonights tale also features the vocal talents of author and illustrator Russ Cox.

He Loves all things vintage. And enjoys a scary movie or two. So Birdie and Angie decide to find a special way to help make Digger feel better. Then when Digger is on the mend, he tells us all some funny jokes about feeling under the weather. Have you ever wondered what happens inside the library when the lights go out at night?

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Well we will learn all about it by listening to the legend of the Library Fairy. She has a magic bookmark that makes stories come to life!!! Featuring the vocal talents of Kitty Felde as the voice of the Library Fairy. Kitty Felde is the host of the Book Club for Kids podcast, the award-winning podcast where kids discuss middle-grade novels. Welcome to the Robot Island of Raboo, hoe to some of the wackiest Robots around! You are just in time for the annual Wacky Robot Talent show!!! I was even fortunate enough to work with mr Eric on a collaboration episode of what if world titled What if Bobby Robot Delivered Pizza.

Check out this sensational story and many others when you subscribe to What if World! Each night, Wynken, Blynken and Nod like to look up at the stars and imagine a bedtime adventure. What amazing expedition will they go on tonight? Polly is the bravest kid Pirate to have ever sailed the seven seas. She sails from island to island along with her parrot "Crackers", hoping to discover new tropical fruits. But some mischievous monkeys have another idea! We will also hear from Tilde the Tortoise and discover some fun facts about pirates!

Patty is a very kind baker who loves to make sweet treats for her animal friends. Then one day Patty slips on some "icing" and twists her wrist. So the animals decide to sneak into the bakery and bake a nice cake for Patty. Featuring author and podcaster Rekaya Gibson as the voice of Patty Cake. In her spare time, she photographs nature scenes, delicious foods, and interesting people. Kenji Lopez-Alt. They help Gwen pick a bunch of avocados but before they can smash them into guacamole, Dr. Rotten comes by and spoils everything Learn more about J. Harriet is a very odd caterpillar. Instead of lounging around all day on the big green leaf.

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Harriet likes to sneak out at night and go on nocturnal adventures. Quil sent us a some postcards with exciting news from his home on the planet Quark. He has a new Baby sister named Pluma has just arrived. To celebrate, his family threw a Meteor Baby Shower Party. If you love outer space adventure stories, be sure to subscribe to The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian on the Kids Listen podcast app.

Tonight we will visit a family of otters. Mama otter is having a hard time getting her little ones to take a bath. Perhaps there is a special song she can sing to get them excited about taking a tub. Special guest Rob Griffiths is here to lend his voice and tell an exiting story about a crime fighting critter club! What sorts of courageous critter adventures do you think our heroes will go on tonight? Be sure to check out StoryTime on your podcast app to hear even more exciting adve ntures. The very first snowflake of the season has fallen from the sky. Time for all of the forest animals and trees to get ready for winter!

One magical morning a little boy and girl woke up and quickly realized that they had remarkably shrunk down in size Now they are the same size as their toys! It's the Holiday Season! Let's embark on a magical sleigh bed ride with our trusty friend Nutcracker! Winter has arrived. Lets go play in the snow! We will meet a new snowy friend and even learn the "Snowy Shuffle". Then, Digger the Dog will drop by and tell us some cool jokes about snowmen! Tonight we will journey together to the Magnificent and musical world of ice.

What sorts of incredible ice spectacles do you think we will see? Sit back and relax and listen to your favorite soothing songs and lullabies from Story Spectacular. A shipment of food coats and other winter goods need to be delivered to the little children. But the ship is stuck at the frozen port. The only way these much needed provisions can be delivered in such treacherous snowy weather is by sled dog. Maya the Malamute and her team of sled-dogs must race through the snow to deliver the shipment of winter goods to the children in the village.

One morning a baker bakes a gingerbread cookie. Just before the baker takes a bite, the gingerbread man comes to life and escapes from the bakery! Now the little gingerbread man needs to find a home! Birdie and Digger the Dog have taken over the studio to play a mix of their favorite songs featured on past episodes of Story Spectacular. Have fun dancing and singing along!!! Tilde the Tortoise and Jack the Rabbit will travel in their hot air balloon all the way up to the North Pole. Here they will meet all kinds of clever arctic animals Maybe they will even get to see the Aurora Borealis light show!

Let's play along with our barnyard buddies, then go for a hay- sleigh ride while we sing "Jingle Bells"!!! Chester Greenwood is having a hard time keeping his ears warm in the cold winter weather. What can Chester do to solve this problem? Mick is such a cool guy. He also sings and plays multiple instruments. Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard, and what she found was Whatever will she do with this wild group of gourds? Today we will celebrate Thanksgiving by revisiting a funny and festive turkey story. We will join all the other fancy turkeys at the annual Gobble Gala.

Let's find out who this mysterious party crasher could be A winner will be chosen on Saturday, November 24th, Happy dancing everyone!!! Nutty is very busy collecting acorns and stacking them inside his tree house for the winter season. Things are going well for Nutty until someone comes along and shakes things up.

Puff is a silly little blowfish who loves to blow bubbles! But one day puff gets into a bit of bubble trouble!!! How will Puff find his way out of this bubbly mess? Today's episode features the vocal and musical talents of Dan Saks. Dan hosts a wonderful interactive musical podcast for kids called "Noodle Loaf"! Don't miss out on the family fun!!! A little duckling named Daffodil keeps getting into mischief.

Sometimes it's hard to be a little duckling. But Daffodils mother has a story for her daughter that will make her feel brave and strong, ready to take on the world Today's episode features the vocal and storytelling talents of Rhea Pechter. Rhea is the creator of "Little Stories for Tiny People", a story podcast for kids, with lovable characters and storylines that touch on important themes of childhood. Yo u can find "Little Stories for Tiny People" in your favorite podcast app. You can find it on Amazon or at www.

He just loves to smash things. But perhaps there is a way the Little Monster can put his talents to good use. Get a glimpse of the nightlife as we travel along with Buffy the Bat. Today's show is sure to go down in Pre-History! Join me and special guest Chanel Tsang from "Peace Out" for a relaxing beachside getaway.

We will go for a walk along the beach, ride our bicycles down the "Beach Rose Bike Path" and then lounge by the big willow tree while we hear a relaxing story from a bluebird. You can subscribe to Peace Out on Apple Podcasts or anywhere you listen to podcasts. To learn more, check out their website peaceoutpodcast. We have a new batch of postcards from Quil, our outer-space pen-pal from the planet Quark.

Quil went on a field-trip with his class to the Planetarium!!! Things are going quite smoothly until Quil discovers that his pet meteor-monkey had unexpectedly tagged along too!!! Will Quil be able to keep Mira the mischevous monkey out of sight? What else do you think Quil will discover at the Planetarium?

One lazy afternoon, I was feeling quite bored So, I wandered outside and laid down on the grass. All of a sudden, a parade of bugs came along. Each insect spectacle was more dazzling than the last. I couldn't believe my eyes We've been very busy here at the Story Spectacular Headquarters!

Lawrence the Lighthouse has his very own picture book now available for Kindle and in Paperback at StorySpectacular. Second, I am so excited to announce the winner of our Summer Fun Coloring contest. The winner is Mason! Mason is 4 years old and he drew a very beautifully detailed illustration of a boat in the hustling bustling bay and he has won his very own copy of Lawrence the Lighthouse.

Congratulations Mason!!! Finally we have been putting together a spectacular season 2 of story collaborations that feature many of our favorite kid's podcasters from around the world. Season 2 of Story Spectacular will begin on Monday October 1st To learn more about the show and to purchase original children's books go to storyspectacular.

Welcome to the Kids Listen Summer Sampler. Kids Listen is a grassroots organization made up of children's podcasters who are committed to providing quality audio content for kids. In this Summer Sampler, you will hear original offerings by me and other wonderful podcasters. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! Hello everyone! Welcome to the Sleepy-Time Summer Playlist. The perfect mix to unwind with after a fun day in the sun.

So sit back, relax and get for ready 2 hours of spectacular stories.

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Welcome to the Story Spectacular Summer Playlist the perfect playlist for summer road trips. Buckle up and get for ready 2 hours of spectacular stories. Thank you so much for listening to season one of "Story Spectacular"!!! We will be back again this fall with some brand new stories just for you! Until then, You can listen to your favorite episodes all summer long. Box Portland ME, Or take a photo of the drawing and send it to angela storyspectacular. Wh ich ever way you choose to submit your illustration, be sure to include your shipping address because the First, Second and Third place winners will receive a Spectacular picture book by me Angela Ferrari!

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All submissions will be posted in the Story Spectacular Facebook Group. The Summer fun coloring Contest winner will be announced on Friday, August 31st. Little doggie is bored and looking for something fun to do.