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This is a great way to make a rectangular pool more exciting by emphasizing its geometric points. Adding stairs as part of your rectangular pool designs can give guests a safe and easy way to enter and exit the pool. Plus, it will give the appearance of multiple layers of depth, contributing once more to that sense of dynamism. Stairs can take up the entirety of one of the ends of the rectangle, or they can stem out from a corner and expand from there.

Be sure to add grip rails or poles for added safety. A rectangle is the perfect shape to use to your advantage when transforming your outdoor pool into an infinity pool. You can recreate the image of a pool that looks over a cliff and spills out into the sea, seemingly connecting as one.

This is a beautiful way to make the most out of your beach or lake house as well. The rectangle can stretch forever by installing infinity pool technology at one of the ends.

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Pool slide definitely adds to the fun. Backyard pool design at its best.

Our Favorite Outdoor Showers

Beautiful pool area that has just want you need to relax. This gorgeous and lustrous modern pool features a frameless pool fence and glass doors. Another world-class modern pool area. These homeowners wanted to take a traditional pool and give it a modern twist.

Wonderful Outdoor Shower and Bathroom Design Ideas💦

They did it and it is spectacular! Also note the stairs that lead into this stunning pool. Also note beam feature, lighting and pretty tile. Plus a fountain feature! Pool tiling design consists of artistic tile and includes steps and a Baja deck. Includes a stunning Phoenix view. Love how bright and fresh this pool area is.

Breathtaking tile love the colors and that bar area is so cool. Pool waterfalls have been popular additions to pools large and small for many years. In fact, they are one of the most sought-after pool decorations in the industry today. There are many different ways that you can build a pool waterfall , and it can often become a functional piece that adds new layers of water and fun to your backyard pool. An infinity waterfall connects two levels of pool into one. This is a great way to split your pool areas in half, separating the two while still keeping them together with the waterfall. It will look as if the upper layer of the pool is spilling down into the lower layer, which can be lots of fun for guests and friends.

Plus, building up instead of out is a great way to make the most out of a smaller space, giving your backyard a lush and full appearance. Many homeowners love to build rocky structures around the side of the pool, with water trickling over the spaces and grooves in the rocks to ultimately coalesce into a waterfall that ends in the pool. The rocks can be designed in an assortment of different ways, from natural to geometric. People love the way the water mimics natural rivers and waterfalls, and you can decorate your rocky formations to give your pool the appearance of a tropical hideaway retreat.

Plus, you can use this as an opportunity to amp up your landscaping skills. Planting tropical trees and shrubs around the rocks will make it look like a true island cove, and with a few comfortable chairs stretched around it, you can make it a great space to relax all day and all night long. Hydroscapes LLC. The art of pool tiling has fascinated homeowners for decades, and there continue to be new trends in pool tiling that can offer a splash of color and geometric design to the inside of a pool.

Small square tiles have been traditional pool components for many years, and continue to be one of the hottest tiling trends on the market. Small square tiles can be placed in many rows, all sporting the same color or different colors depending on the color scheme. You can line the edges of the pool with a dark color, keeping the rest of it light. Or, you can interchange the colors like puzzle pieces, giving your guests and family members something to look at each time they go for a swim. Create your own mosaic for something truly unique!

You can use natural stones or bricks to make a natural tiling display. This is a great idea for when you have a rounded pool with dark, rich waters. If you want to maintain the natural rocky island look, you can use stone tiles shaped as squares, rectangles, or natural shapes to complete the look of your pool. The beauty of pool tiling designs is that you can make something spectacular and beautiful out of any pool of any size, no matter your constraints or restrictions.

Close up of custom glass mosaic tile. Photography: Michael Woodall. The custom-made blend of Hakatai mosaic tile really makes this pool pop. The fountain is a nice complement to this pool area. This top of the line backyard retreat features a mix of glass spa tiles and stone. Adding this variety of textures and colors make this a dreamy backyard pool area.

This beauty even includes a swim-up bar! This infinity pool features a beautiful natural stone accent wall. Landscape lighting is an added bonus. Overhead view of a fountain that pours into the pool. Another consideration for backyard pool designs. Kyle Lindsey Custom Homes. The ideas below will provide examples of simple DIY options which can allow you to enjoy your backyard more fully this summer.

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If you have a backyard firepit, what could be better than overhead string lights to stimulate stars in the dark sky? Encircle your firepit with comfy seating and plump cushions as well as a unique serving cart, and every gathering will be its own party! This is such a simple decorative idea, you may just be tempted to buy multiple strings of lights to cast a glow in other areas, or to light the path to your back door! These natural logs will be the highlight of your backyard scene.

During the day, they simply look like garden stools, but at dusk the glow of golden light makes your garden path a fairyland filled with radiating light. The perfect chandelier for the garden is this simple creation suspended by chains from an overhanging bough.

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Because it requires no wiring, you can place it anywhere. Small glass jars with a layer of sand hold tea lights that burn just long enough to light up the evening for a romantic interlude with a couple of glasses of wine.

If you dream of faraway places and exotic lifestyles, you can bring them home to your own back yard in an instant by filling the stairs of your deck with grillework lanterns in various sizes and colors. Inspired by the mysteries of Morocco, these lights will inspire you to spend your leisure time outdoors with family and friends. A variety of outdoor seating spaces encourages different activities. Serve a meal at the picnic table; talk with friends in a quiet corner. Lounge with a good book in a swinging chair filled with cushions. When the sun sets, light up the scene with string lighting in the trees.

Requiring no wiring, these lights can be suspended from tree branches or hung under the eaves of your house. Lantern posts are traditional, elegant and functional. But this is a wonderful solution to getting light to the right part of the garden.

Paint or stain the post to complement your home and garden, top it with a metal cap, and add a tall pillar candle to the decorative metal lantern. Oh, we love this idea. What — are they lights or planters? Or were they brought by alien visitors? Mix them with pots of other materials for a stunning effect.

Here, tied with simple string, they become rustic hanging candle holders along a wooden fence line. Unique and serviceable torches made of recycled wine bottles are a DIY project that may require a bit more time than some of the other lighting options. But the dramatic effect is well worth the effort! A party pergola is special on its own. But any garden structure becomes more attractive — and more useful when you add lighting.

Fresh-Air Outdoor Bath Showers for Beach Houses - Coastal Living

This one is gorgeous, with string lighting overhead, a circlet of lights suspended over the table, pendants in each corner, and path lighting to direct the way to the party. Less is often more, and a minimalist single string of open bulbs centered over a picnic table is a charmingly rustic solution to lighting up an outdoor dinner. Here the lights are quickly and easily strung between two slim tree trucks anchored in solid non-tip bases at each end of the table.

At the other end of the decor spectrum, this fully-furnished outdoor room uses color and high style to great effect. Elegant purple glass Moroccan lanterns hang from the beams, reflecting the color of accent cushions on the upholstered seating.

One chair, a table, and some beautiful flowers can make a space absolutely fabulous! This proves that small spaces can be equally as beautiful! Here are some great options on Amazon. I love how this homeowner worked with the land to create a sunken seating area.

Using garden stools as coffee tables is a functional way to add entertaining space or extra seating when needed. An eclectic mix of toss pillows gives a collected look. Hot Tub Fun.

20 Amazing Backyard Living Outdoor Room Ideas

The hot tub takes center stage as the focal point of this backyard. I love the idea of adding a pergola for shade so that the tub might be enjoyed during the day. Click here for the full tutorial. Hamptons Inspired Small Backyard. Jen from City Farmhouse proves that a small backyard can be functional and beautiful with a little creativity. Jen opted to replace some grass for pea gravel to create this gorgeous hamptons-inspired retreat.

Multiple Outdoor Rooms. Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick has a gorgeous backyard and I highly encourage you to click through and take her backyard tour! Total Deck Makeover. This outdoor space looks so cozy and inviting! Urban Backyard Makeover. If you have a small backyard and are looking for inspiration, go see my backyard makeover!