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Salinger, Raymond Chandler and F.

Scott Fitzgerald. Where Mishima took the Japanese language to an extreme of complex sophistication and beauty, Murakami reactively took his own language back to an Ernest Hemingway-esque sparsity and seemingly removed all Japanese cultural references. From , Murakami recast himself as a modern-day Charles Dickens, exploring the convoluted connections of modern society and the quirky characters contained within it.

Meanwhile, Murakami detailed the flight across Japan of a year-old narrator.

The World is Not Enough: A New Theory of Parallel Universes is Proposed - Universe Today

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Novelist Haruki Murakami attends the award ceremony of the Welt-Literaturpreis, a literature prize established in by German daily newspaper Die Welt, in Berlin on Nov. Polar ice is melting.

The World is Not Enough: A New Theory of Parallel Universes is Proposed

Sea levels are rising. Inflation set up the hot Big Bang and gave rise to the observable Universe we have access to, but we can only measure the last tiny fraction of a second of inflation's impact on our Universe. Image credit: Bock et al. But theoretically, what we learn is even more tantalizing.

The True Science of Parallel Universes

That phase, a period of cosmological inflation, describes a phase of the Universe where rather than being full of matter and radiation, the Universe was filled with energy inherent to space itself: a state that causes the Universe to expand at an exponential rate. Image credit: E. We can think about inflation as occurring at the top of a very flat hill, like a ball rolling slowly down it.

As long as the ball remains near the top of the hill, rolling slowly, inflation continues, and the Universe expands exponentially. Once the ball rolls down into the valley, however, inflation ends, and that rolling behavior causes the energy to dissipate, converting the energy inherent to space itself into matter-and-radiation, taking us from an inflationary state into the hot Big Bang.

Is There Another 'You' Out There In A Parallel Universe?

Inflation ends top when a ball rolls into the valley. But the inflationary field is a quantum one middle , spreading out over time. While many regions of space purple, red and cyan will see inflation end, many more green, blue will see inflation continue, potentially for an eternity bottom. Images credit: E.

How time could run BACKWARDS: New parallel world 'multiverse' theory revealed

The multiverse idea states that there are infinite numbers of Universes like our own, and infinite ones with differences. CC BY 2. Where you chose the job overseas instead of the one that kept you in your country?

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Where you stood up to the bully instead of letting yourself be taken advantage of? Where you kissed the one-who-got-away at the end of the night, instead of letting them go? And where the life-or-death event that you or your loved one faced at some point in the past had a different outcome? Image credit: Wikimedia commons user Christian Schirm.

But there are an awful lot of ifs that are mandatory to get there. For one, the inflationary state must have happened for not just a long amount of time — not just for the Why is that, you ask?

Surely, if the Universe has been expanding exponentially — not just for a tiny fraction of a second but for And yet, there are numbers that are bigger that describe how many possible outcomes there are for particle interactions. The number you see above, for instance, is just !