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In May, after AJ. They lived in filth, surrounded by animal feces and were both admitted drug addicts but A. Prosecutors say the couple routinely abused him and made him take cold showers for misbehaving. They claim to have found a video of A. Their trial will begin later this year. She has already been found mentally fit and a judge has asked for her medical records.

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JoAnn Cunningham, 36, is in custody awaiting trial on murder charges. Share or comment on this article: A. Freund's weeping drug addict mother says she would 'rather kill herself than hurt her family' e-mail 6. Comments 8 Share what you think.


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Your comment will be posted to MailOnline as usual We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on MailOnline. And thanks to Hulu, over and over again until the end of time. Initially entering the series as something almost out of a dream so much so it is used again in a trance-like flashback during the series finale , Jen Lindley exits a taxi and introduces herself to the gang.

Joey Potter, of course, is instantly intimidated, and thus would begin the infamous Jen vs. Joey Debate of The youngest cast member at the time, Williams kicked off the first of countless tearjerker moments peppered throughout the series just from her first solo performance. Not gut-wrenching in the same way, but all the same. Jen instantly picks up on this backstage as they watch Joey perform, and Dawson grasps it even harder afterward when he and Joey have yet another conversation about how their feelings are changing.

Just Joey. The too-tall girl that lives on the wrong side of the creek. This two-parter revolved around Jack McPhee — who is new to Capeside, alongside his sister Andie — coming to terms with the fact that he is gay and being forced by the actual worst teacher in the history of teaching to read a poem out loud that he is not ready to read.

A Guide to Lunar Chronicles Character Traits | Marissa Meyer

And he and his dad do work it out — but not for a season and a half. The Lord above will be the one to judge him, as he will judge all of us. You have to choose. Open this door, come out here, and choose me. But in Fairest, she um…… Has some much bigger problems. Why does she look different?

First, I would like to say that I absolutely love your books! Once I started reading them I just had to read the next book after the last one. I have a few questions about your books at least. But what does Levanna look like from behind that veil that she wears all the time? Will Levanna reveals her true self to Luna and Earth? And once Cinder becomes the real queen of Luna, will she marry Prince Kai? And Scarlet to Wolf. Huge thanks to you. Dear Marissa, What year does A. Was there a particular year? Cinder is by far the best character in my opinion! I can hardly wait until the new installments come out!

Hi Ms Meyer! How do the languages work? I have just finished reading Winter and am sad that it is over! But I would also like to have a little more information on what Wolf looks like Spoiler Alert after his new modification into yet another mutant soldier. All of these descriptions really helped me picture the characters better except for that one little Wolf one that comes later in the last book!

What font do you use when writing the titles? Just wondering because I love it! Also I just want to say thanks so much for these books because they are so amazing I have no words for them. I am currently reading Winter and so far it is really funny. After reading the profiles I discovered that Cinder has the same birthday as me! Okay Spoilers. I just finished reading Winter.

Cinder has the same birthday as me!! I am one of your hugest fans. I have read your books and I love all of them. I was waiting for your book Winter since late last year and I was so happy when it came out. I got it right away. You are one of my favorite authors. I was wondering if you can answer some my questions.

If so, where in the city? Thank You so much for taking the time to read my comment, hopefully you reply back to me. Mayesha Hoque. Scarlet and I have the same horoscope sign….. Sagittarius My birthday is on November 30th though but the same horoscope is still nice and relatable. Eh, oh well. But I ship every character so hard, though.

And not just with the original pairings. I absolutely loved all the books!!!!!!! They are my new favorites!! I was soooo excited when I discovered this page because I just love being able to know all the specifics of my favorite characters! So I was wondering, where on the website can I see the complete profiles? Also I love your books, they are so amazing! What will be your next series?

I love your books and for the directors, they should really make the Cinder series movies. I think some of the confusion in the comments stems from the difference between Race and Ethnicity. Ethnicity, however, refers to cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language.

An example of race is brown, white, or black skin all from various parts of the world , while an example of ethnicity is German or Spanish ancestry regardless of race. So if Cinder is listed as.. I am assuming the decision for her to go live with a family in The Commonwealth specifically was because of her European and Asian ancestry and their visible traits. Much easier for her to blend in if her physical traits, minus the cyborg parts, are the same as those around her.

It also seems groups have been kept very separate on Lunar so the normal blending that would happen over time was greatly slowed keeping their historical Earth Ethnicities visible much longer. I was really wondering about why Cress was named Crescent Moon. Most of the other fairy tale based characters have names that either symbolize something from their original story, or are related in some way. If it was a deliberate decision, are you willing to share the rationale behind it, or is it something we fans have to figure out??

Also, I truly appreciate the world and character building you accomplished with this novel. Everything is so creative, and the characters truly grow throughout the course of the series. So is Cinder caucasian or asian? Hi Marissa so I was wondering Is Cinder caucasian or asian? D if you have to end cress in a cliffhangers? Also, can u tell us more about cress being friends with Jacin but then going against her in the satellite that the rampion is attacked on? Can you write more series like this is you find time because u r an amazing author?

I have loved many books and loved them, but none are as unique and impressive as yours. I loved each one and I call my best friend Cinder and she calls me Winter. I am writing my own book called To the Moon and Back, and you are my full inspiration. I loved the books so much that once I accidently told a girl that she looked like Peony. I bet I sounded crazy to her.

I get jitters sometimes…. I agree, Olive. I started to cry when I finished winter, and all of my friends looked at me like I was crazy. Ive never had that reaction to a book before. I really enjoy reading the comments section of your blog posts! Thank you so much for writing such a great series, I loved every page of it! I love this series!! I love Winter! She is a cool princess! This is so cool, I wish more authors would do this. Maybe Thorne too. I love these books….

You seem super cool:. Hey Ms. Thank you so much for your incredible series that has left so many readers in all sorts of emotional states! Meyer, Cinder was suggested to my 12 year old son by his teacher of Italian. He loved the book, and I read it too, because I was curious.

Then I bought him Scarlet, and bought the English version for myself. Will you be creating a future story to go along with each characters future because I would be very happy with getting all those pieces…I finished winter yesterday and it ended great it answered all the questions I had when I finished the book however more are beginning to flood my mind and I hope you will consider creating a story like that Thanks Emie.

I would also really like to know what happens to everyone else. Also, when are ID chips placed in citizens? And what language do they speak on Luna and what language does the crew in the Rampion speak? For some reason I remembered that random fact and wondered if it was at all intentional. By the way, I love the way you loosely follow the original fairy tail plots. I was wondering if you, Merissa, as the author and therefore the minds of the characters in the Lunar Chronicles, do you think cinder ever feels out of place being only 16 when her companions are all older than her…?

For example, was it a few weeks? Also, are the ages for the characters the ages at the beginning of the Cinder or at the end of Winter? Or did they not age at all during the time of the Lunar Chronicles? What character do you connect with the most Marissa?? Skylar, I believe that you pronounce Kai like Ky. As I am only halfway through Cress I did not know this yet. I look forward to reading the rest of your books! I was making a post about Winter I loved it! That would be awesome.

This is great me and my friends are going to be dressing up as the characters at school and this helped a lot, thanks! Also I learned the me and Winter share birthdays! Just wondering…Your book contains many examples of futuristic technology, so I was thinking. Cinder, on the other hand, has nerves naturally sounds weird.. Is it possible that some technology connected to her arm allows her to feel just a little? Does she sometimes have phantom limb pain? She gets nervous when Kai touches her arm, but can she somehow feel anything? Hey, Marissa! Thank you so much for making this, its really helping me picture the characters.

I also wanted to know if you are planning on writing some sort of sister series to TLC? Or a sequel? Kinda reminds me of the Shadowhunter Chronicles. Anyway, thanks so much in advanced! Oh man, in my personal design for Thorne he was black. Agh now I have to change it and it was so cute. Why was I under the impression that Cress is eighteen? Haha whoops. Every author needs to sit down at some point and write it all out, even if it never makes it in the book; it makes your characters feel more real to know that they sneeze like a blowfish or whatever.

I am curious… did you cry when you finished Winter? I would weep and weep until someone came and mopped me up. I almost did when I finished your series. I always imagined Cinder with straight dirty blond hair and wolf being kind of dark. I have recently listened to Winter and for some reason I thought she had blue hair. I also thought Winter was a little lighter like a mix. Also can you please add Iko?

I also imagined Scarlet with green eyes. Can you give a description of Everett too please. Also, who sent Cinder to Earth? Is there a something that Cinder says that is similar to what levena says in Fairest about not wanting the beauty if it makes her evil like Channary??? Why must I be so tall! Or is it rightfully Cinders?? Uh… The coronation was to be held on the eighth on November right? Just wondering. If you do not answer that is okay too, but it would be helpful to me so I can secure my choice for Levana.

Kidrobot BFFS Series 4 Love Hurts Blind Box Vinyl Figures Review Unboxing - PSToyReviews

I think you forgot Iko and Levanna. No biggie, though. I flipped when Winter came out! I ran down the halls screaming because I was so happy! I thought it would be about Iko, heartless yet full of love, and her story with Kinnely. Cant wait to read it. Also the books in order are Cinder scarlet cress fairest and winter right? I started to read Cinder in my Ela class despite the very disappointing book trailer. After the first page I was hooked.

I then bought the rest of the books with my b-day money and fell in LOVE with the characters, plot, and just about everything else about them. Thank you so much for all of the extras and little stories because I have to be honest if you had not written even a small sequel like Stars Above I would have cried for DAYS! I have started to read the books over again in case I missed any minute detail!! This is a lot of fun. How much time went by from the beginning of Cinder to the end of Winter? That has been bothering me for a while…. Dear Marissa, Is there one universal language that everyone speaks, or do they all speak different languages but know a few others?

Slicked back with hair gel before he fights with ran? But make this one a little different. Either make this one about Iko or go totally different and make one about one of the boys in the story possibly Kai because there just needs a little more summing up. Also because I want to see if Cinder and Kai get married and how well you could describe it cause I have been fantasizing over that for way to long. Or you could always just explain their romance a little more.

Dear Marrissa, I know you probably get this question almost everyday, but is there going to be a movie? A lot of my favorite books get ruined by the inaccurate movies that go with them. You are my all time favourite author! I LOVE your books! Cress is definitely my favourite character. Then Thorne.

One question. What months does the series take place in? Is that right? Your the best! Could you please give a description on Channary cinders mother because that is what cinders glamour looks like and i might not be the only one who wonders what that looks like. Also, could you give a description on levana but both her glamour and her true self? Thank you!!! And I forgot to add I agree with the idea about tying everything up the wedding Kai Thanks again!!! First of all, your books are amazing and definitely in competition for my favorite series ever!!!

Both racial heritages should be honoured, not just one. Dear Marissa, I am obsessed with all of these books! In several of my classes my teachers have told us to pick a book for a project and I have automatically chosen Cinder. I made a picture collage that made the Cinder book cover her cyborg foot in a red heel and I even made a book trailer for my Tech apps class.

This series is my inspiration for ALL projects now! I have even convinced several other of my friends to read them and they have already fallen in love with the book!! In Winter they were talking about how not many clothes fit him very well, would there be any change in his height? I was wondering if you would like me to send them to you and would love to share them. It said specifically that cress was 17 in the third book. Marissa You have been such a huge inspiration in my life. I am currently writing a book because of you. My librarian recommended me cinder and I fell in love.

You showed me that books are actually readable. I know wear the title of bookworm proudly thanks to you. Thank you for showing a whole new world to me,a hopeless 12 year old. BTW thanks for creating such a beautiful fantasy world, I wish the series would never end. And Wolf is my favorite boy character. Scarlet has my birthday! That makes me so happy! Hey Marissa, Can you put in a description of Iko with her old and new android body. I want to know what she looked like before and when her manufacturing date birthday would be.

OH my god, I love this series. I also really want to know everything about the writing process, esp childish questions like do you type out your story and forward to a publisher etc. It's Jo. I think…. That is what the book review says. Also- is there a big difference in his appearance now? I also love this series!! Great work!! Or how Scarlet and Wolf on the farm, and maybe they have kids now. Or how Cress and Thorne are doing traveling in space. If you do, i;ll buy them right away! While reading the books, I never really imagined him looking Middle-Eastern for some reason.

Is it Levena? If not, who else would it be? I love your books!! I wondered for a while and then I read Stars Above! Immediately felt like perhaps it was a confirmation and sort of like a possible back story that you would have given Iko and decided to add to the book! Thank you for creating such a marvelous universe! Thanks so much for making this series, Marissa Meyer, and please respond to this my friends will be so happy!

By the way, can somebody send me the link to the art in the Wikipedia Lunar Chronicles section? Sorta funny. Winter is my fave character, but we are practically complete oposites! She is beautiful and im ptactically a troll. Well that is an exaggeration. But shr is girly and gigley and I am a complete tomboy. I think cinders theme song should be gasoline by hasley or is it halsey? I keep forgeting. I luv the books. Wish they could go on for ever! Im in fifth grade, but the lunar chrnicals are my fave series! Even though they r young adult. Plz email me merissa meyer, I love all ur books especially fairest.

It helped me understant lavana and even feel bad for her! Dear Marissa, Do Thorne and Cress ever get married? They seemed to finally realize they liked each other in the 4th book, Winter. I guessing in Winter the characters are older then in Cinder, right. How much time past between books?

I love the lunar chronicles soooo much!! I am an aspiring author and I was wondering how do you get your ideas for your books? You are so creative!

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I want to create a fantasy world like you have done. You are really inspirational to me! Love you! XOXO P. Cress and I would be amazing friends!! I am so much like her! I agree with Julia all the way! The Lunar Chronicles are amazing! Plus me and Cress are so alike. I hope to one day become a world renowned author! You are such an inspiration to me and you are my role model. The Lunar Chronicles is my favourite series and I love how there are similarities between the books and the fairytales.

My favourite book from the series is Cress and I love how her and Thorne had to travel through the desert. How did you come up with the ideas for these books? I usually think of a small idea from what I think about, I fantasize like Cress a lot and then that small idea grows into a larger and more interesting plot. Love you P. S Cress is awesome! Marissa- I know you get a lot of these but I just want to know are you ever thinking about making a movie about the Lunar chronicles because if you where I would definitely go see it! Also i never pictured wolf being the oldest but now I can see that.

FYI my favorite scenes are the romantic scenes and the action scenes they always leave me thinking about them. Also I am so close to finishing winter so I may seem a little clueless. Will you make movies out of the books. My friend and I have been talking and we want you to make a movie with people looking like they were described in the books.

We love this series so much that we started calling people that we know characters that they know. She is Scarlet and I am Cress. I wanted to know if I could be part of the cast if you decide to make these movies. Thanks for your time, you are the best author ever. Hope to hear from you soon. My favorite male characters are Thorne, Jacin, and Wolf. My favorite female characters are Scarlett and Winter.

The 52 best female friendships in movies

You NEED to make these series into a movie. You NEED to. Spencer Boldman could be Thorne. My favorite male characters are Wolf, Thorne, and Jacin. My favorite female characters are Winter and Scarlet. Now that I know what the characters look like, reading your books over and over will be so much more fun. And the same for the proposal. I was mourning the end of Winter for weeks until I found out you wrote Stars Above.

Thanks for writing books that let me live a hundred adventures and live a bunch of laughs and tears and heart pounding moments that gave me a thrill. Love your books. What shade is it exactly? Also, on a completely different note, I really liked the way you expressed Thorne, though I felt that there should have been more of his viewpoint. Thanks for the wonderful books! Wow, I love your books. Okay, so get ready. And Aimery. I just do. My favorite female character is.

I think Winter. But anyways I just had a few questions on Thorne. Did you do that on purpose, or was that just a really big coincidence? But anyways, I digress. And oh yeah, why does everyone call Thorne by his last name? I personally want to call him Carswell, but to me that sounds like a last name. Like, think about it.

Carswell Thorne. Thorne Carswell? Oh, well. I was wondering how you pronounce Evret. I was always confused about that. Love your books Marissa!!! Like tight corkscrew curly? Or wavy curly? Does Scarlet have a French accent? I imagined her without one, but them I realized she grew up in France and most likely has one.

If she does, how strong? I love the series. I just finished the book Stars Above, and I am amazed. I loved the part where he proposed to Cinder. Will you make a short story or an epilogue about Cinder and Kai? If you do then I will be happy. I want to know if what happens after the after! Marissa, You have no idea how obsessed I am with your series!

I absolutely cannot wait for Heartless to come out! It was actually my birthday yesterday and my party was based on it! As a growing writer, I thank you for inspiring me. The books were completely amazing and wonderful, flawless! My friends and I will forever be fangirling! I would love to meet you! What were their weddings like? Besides Scarlet and Wolf Do they have kids? Can lunars make others look different?

See a Problem?

It seems like manipulating what they see on yourself would be the same thing as manipulating what they see on themselves. Marissa, I love your books and especially love the characters Cress and Thorne. And the book Cress is my favorite. I like how you incorporated some fairy-tale princesses but subtly. Have you ever read The Sisters Grimm?

You can reach me at Pickles gmail. Have you even considered a U. A tour with book signings by you? My question is do Cinder and Kai get married? Have a nice day! Btw your a genius author, please write some more books soon! If you are in the process of writing one I am sorry. Please make sure they get it right. I hope he and Wolf are better now. Sorry for bothering you!! I own every single one!!!!!