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As an option, many customers will purchase both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit. Many costumes have elastic waists that allow for some stretching. Sizing information is provided to us by the manufacturer. While this information is assumed to be accurate, we can not be responsible for variations or inaccuracies in the information provided to us. Please refer to the product specific sizing chart if available for more details.

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Assembly required. Customers Also Viewed Video. Almost Gone! The Fates, as these witches are called in Greek mythology, appear in the Underworld in Hercules. In Norse myths, these arbiters of destiny are the Norns. Related Stories. Examples of the witch trio are all over modern pop culture, too. The Charmed Ones in Charmed , both the original show and the current CW reboot, are comprised of three witches.

When Prue Shannon Doherty died on the original Charmed , her two sisters conveniently discover they have a secret half-sister Rose McGowan who can join their coven.

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There is no summoning "the power of three" if there are only two witches. Whosit, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which in A Wrinkle in Time.

The Witch-and-Sister

Often, witch trios are representative of the cycle of life. The Greek goddess Hecate had three faces: the maiden, the mother, and the crone. Standing at a crossroads where the past, present, and future meet, Hecate encompasses the phases in a woman's life.

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  • As a nod to Hecate, the website TVTropes refers to all magical and nonmagical formations of three women in different life stages as "the Hecate Sisters. There's flexibility to this trope. In the movie Practical Magic , Sally Owens Sandra Bullock is the mother because she has children, her free-spirited sister Gillian Nicole Kidman is the maiden, and their two older aunts form the crone together.

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    The most iconic witch group of them all, though, is undeniably the Weird Sisters who begin Shakespeare's Macbeth with the foreboding line, "Double double toil and trouble," and proceed to spin Macbeth like a top. Like the Fates in ancient mythology, the Weird Sisters in Macbeth could predict the future. And if the show is based on the original comic books, there's a chance Sabrina 's Weird Sisters will possess the same power of prognostication.

    In the comic book series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina , the Weird Sisters predict that witches will have to start having children with humans if their race is to survive.

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    But why is culture populated by groups of three witches, not one witch acting independently, like Mrs. The trios contain their own politics and personalities. They are representative of a woman-centric community that forms adjacent to the patriarchy, coalesced by its own customs. Without any trace of the bonds that bind even the most morally questionable witches together, Mrs. Wardwell is just plain sinister. A group of three magical women can't be reduced to a descriptor like "evil" or "good. These trios are complicated ecosystems of female power and friendship, and love.

    Notably, the orphaned Sabrina doesn't grow up in the quintessential heteronormative "human" trinity of a father, mother, and child.